Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Fan Art

Oh yeah, I found new fanart today - and it's sparkling; teh awesome! Check this out. The website is: http://design-of-inspiration.de/PersonalPermission/index.htm
Credit was given following my guidelines for tag groups that I have posted on DeviantART - no shit guys, this is how it's done! And now dear fan person could you make one in color, please? Cause I like those much more. ;)

And what does Drake Nathan say about all this? Seriously, I was lucky enough to hit stores when Uncharted 2 hit it, too and there was one copy left for me. Awesome game is awesome! And theee art direction - oh my!!!! *falls over*

PS: My cat loves eating Pizza. Hee been a dog in his past life? XD

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