Saturday, November 7, 2009

New free tutorials online!

I have updated my DeviantART tutorial section massively today. The reason is quite simple: Since we have started my class at Academy it was basically overrun by nice people that all wanted to learn digital painting.
This caused my server, where I used to store folders with tutorials and stock images to go down a couple of times. So I decided to outsource some of my tutorials to DeviantART since that makes it easier for all of us to access the files.

From today on you can download:
statue study painting overview 1
statue study painting overview 2
statue stocks for painting studies for beginners
statue stocks for painting studies for advanced painters


It's true. ;) Since I am frequently presenting their newest publication - Digital Painting Techniques: Master Collection Volume 1 - to my students sothat they have good tutorials to learn from they allowed me to share certain things in public. And this means a free for all tutotrial that I wrote; from one of their previous magazines; that's talking about the most important aspects when painting a landscape, which will hopefully be a good help for my students and also for you guys!

I saw that a bunch of people already downloaded it today and so it makes me pretty happy that I have upped it. ^_^