Sunday, October 25, 2009

More publications. ;)

3D Total published a book featuring a collection of the tutorials Nykolai Aleksander and I made for them during the past years regarding face painting.
I am actually quite happy with this one and since it only costs around 10 Dollars it's an easy to get tutorial collection for everyone who wants to learn more about faces.

The collection includes: Hair (blonde and black), lips from all angles, ears, eyes, noses.

3D Total has also published another book (Digital Painting Techniques: Master Collection Volume 1) together with Focal Press that includes all their best tutorials from the 2D Artist magazine. It features 2 tutorials of mine.
What I really like about this one is that the Gallery part is rather small, leaving a lot of space for all its awesome tutorials which makes it one of the biggest and best collections I have ever held in my hands. I think it costs around 30 Euros.

The book teaches about: Brushes, Custom Brushes, Speedpainting, everything about humans faces including skin, animals & monsters, landscapes, matte painting etc ... and you can also buy it on amazon - awesome! :3