Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I figured that I am not really in the mood to update my original website any longer since, it seems, I am only spending time on the art communities, so I picked two protfolios from there which I now linked on DarkTownArt to have some links to some up to date portfolios.

There also are some new publications that I want to talk about. But first I want you to have some attention for my publications and tutorials list: Link
It not only helps me to sort all the magazines and books I have in my shelf to keep in mind which ones I should never throw away by accident or on purpose, but it also was meant as aid for those people who are constantly asking where to find tutorials of mine.

OK so the first publication for you to google is Digital Painter by Art Squared:

The little square shaped book contains several artists from the industry. Each one has his little gallery with 1 to 3 artworks attached and some information about the artist and how to contact him or her. A collection of the best artists has also submitted tutorials to the book.
I wrote one for Apples Kiss that fills around 6 pages.
The book comes as hard to brake soft cover edition with solid paper that has a metallic shimmer which makes all artwork printed inside shine in all its glory. Sadly even artists that are included don't get a copy for free since the company is quite new, but the book costs only around 30 euros which makes it very afordable.
I am not sure if you can already buy it on Amazon. If one of you guys knows, feel free to tell me. ;)


  1. Congrats, I'm also featured as well. There's some great work featured in the book - remember to submit your work for the next edition, I think the deadline is October 31st.

  2. Yeah thanks for the reminder! I really dig their printing quality. Already submitted a couple of pieces, might add some more if they get finished in time. ;)