Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Starfairy Queen

"I made a study of a painting from Eeayla that I really like and it evolved into something else.
And my right hand did hurt from all the work so part of this was painted with my left one to train it a little again. Made my head spinning!
Now I am really unsure about the composition, but I like the face enough to share it here. It is another study about sadness, and I have worked on the skin very carefully, exploring another technique regarding detail and light this time. I think I will also share the other composition examples here later, but right now I need to free my head a little and do something else. ;)" - Anne

PS: I was very productive today. But kinda in the wrong direction. XD Stiillll! I love having no commissions to do (happens not that often) to fool aound and feel like God by creating something. Though this is just a speedy, I hell of enjoyed making it! :3

Here we also have an update that I worked over today with my right hand experimenting with some textures. The second one was done completely with my right hand today to study folds.
Now it hurts again. XD

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