Friday, June 5, 2009

WGT 2009

As promised, here is a little collection from the making of shots that I took on WGT 2009 (Leipzig). You can see James Higginson there, he comes from Los Angeles were he worked in film business for around 25 years, and then decided to come to Berlin to teach photography and art direction at art academy.
Working with him on his new publication was a lot of fun, several more shootings will follow!
Taking and building up all the stuff always took us around two hours, then we were ready to scout people. Most of them, especially the weirdest ones were so uberly funny and nice. I got chocolate from some victorian dresses girls, a magician in a venezian dress did his magic for us. We only had a few not so nice encounters with some pretty arrogant people, obviously fashion designers, and one from a porn website who would only take nude shots and tell us why he thought that fine art was shit.

You can also see me from behind with my new backpack that I got from the lovely Christine (Oli's whife). Meeting them was so cool. They showed us around and we had a lot of fun!
For instance we had dinner at MCCormack, and we rocked Moritzbastei all night (which you can see at the lower right corner). We also went to the biggest monument of Europe (Völkerdenkmal). You can see me on some shots there walking up with James, talking about its architecture.

You can also see picturs that I took of some of the most awesome people behind stage. It was also impressive to see how many of those fabulous looking women that we got in front of camera actually weren't real women at all, or lets say seemed more female than I would ever be - makes me jealous. ;)

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