Sunday, May 31, 2009

Underwater Scene Close Ups

Hey guys,

I just spent a fantastic weekend on WGT (Leipzig) with James Higginson and the other guys of the crew. It was an amazing photoshooting, the guys were so awesome! I am getting things handled about copyright right now (which part of the making of I am allowed to show online) and then hopefully I'm gonna write about it within the next days.

About the close Ups:
I thought it was about time for me to update this blog with some fresh art, too. (Since I cannot have Seth do all the work XD). Here are some close ups from a commission that I did some while ago for Imagine Publishing. The workshop is about painting a mermaid and some lovely fish, reference is attached. Hum, it is strange that I cannot seem to make her smile once her face is seen in smaller size. When you click on the 50% close ups you will see that she has a lovely smile... and it took me forever to get the swarm of the fish right. Blah, fish! XD
A thank you also goes to those people who compare me to Melanie Delon in astonishment. I do not necessarily strive to be like her, I just sometimes look at her paintings to see how this or that was done. ;)

BTW, watching Matrix again right now. (I own their special artbook including screenplay and such, it has alway sbeen a great inspiration) It's been a while... but always again a pleasure! :3

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  1. moin moin,

    es reicht eine pdf präsentation. am besten fand sie es eine hinführung zu deinem thema am anfang zu machen um einen spannungsbogen zu erzeugen. wenn du magst schicke ich dir meine präsentation welche sie sehr gut fand. musst du mir nur deine mail adresse geben.

    viele grüße.