Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Slipmaid

So now, one week later, what do I have to say about the April 1st action?

It surely left a lot of impact, many people were upset, some were angry, some were amused and some wrote very good feedback.

And we've also got some copycats who had nothing better to do than making quite similar journal entries like mine on DeviantART simply to promote their blogspot blogs, while they actually had nothing to say. In some ways this fits exactly what I said earlier about art with no meaning.

I also missed the nature of art in their actions, which usually is to stear people, so that they'd wake up. Would have been pretty entertaining to see more unpublished galleries for instance with some new creative content. Or maybe that is just me, but what other interesting ways are there to drag people's attention to a certain topic on such places?

Besides, you would never go to a real exhibition and mark each painting with little notes about how much you think they suck. ;)

The Slipmaid:

“Thanks go to everyone who cared for me as I took my gallery down. The experiment that I released on April 1st is a symbol:
for a hard decision.

Speaking about decisions it's partly about what you want to do with your life. People who followed the link and read my blog know that already. This is why I submitted such a provoking quote.
I don't understand those who make or perceive art without the understanding of what's behind. It's not doing art that has no meaning just to do art, and it's not about knowing people with “value” so that you get somewhere with your life.
If it's just that, without any further purpose than money, you surely can live good for yourself, but you may wake up one day and be shocked that what you've done has basically no meaning. So what you've done will be forgotten and have not matter at all.

PS: I will reorganize my DeviantART exhibition, but it could be that I'll seriously have to remove some of the pieces again in a few months.“

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