Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Point?

Look here first!

"That's right. My entire gallery is gone and you are left with nothing else than a quote. Am I one of those artists who always strive for more attention in exposure/ pageviews?
Or am I one of those who thinks that knowing many famous people is something that is valid for your personal way as an artist? Are you one of those who know it all but can't tell a shit about art history or have never seen a real exhibition in a real
museum at all?
I bet quite a few have asked you why you are an artist.
But I'd rather ask you: Why are you here?

What is it that you want to DO with your art? Other than being a way for YOU to do or express something about YOUrself. What about anything else, what about others? Do you care? Or are you too full of yourself or too much of a crybaby?
The sense of life in the sense of art?"

- Azu


  1. Well, part of me want to say that this is an April Fools thing that you started a day early. However, I'm still going to respond.

    I HATE when people have never visited an art museum or been to a gallery exhibition or ... something. I've taken the beginings of my art history courses and I learn so much each time that I can't imagine how people can be artists without understanding where they are deriving their work from.

    All artwork has a meaning in relationsip to the society we live in and it's impossible to say "I'm just making art because. There isn't any meaning behind it." Because it's not true, not matter how hard you'd like to believe that.

    I want to be an animator - I wasn't too sure about that until very recently but I realized how passionate I was about the subject. The reason I want to is because I think being able to produce something that millions of people can enjoy is absolutly wonderful. It brings me joy to make others feel happy.

    To be honest, I know that I enjoy the pageviews and I enjoy the comments because to know that people enjoy looking is good enough for me. When people crit my work it makes me feel good that I can now work harder to do better to make another person happy.

    I feel like my comment was kind of all over the place but hopefully it made sense. I think it's interesting thatyou took your whole gallery down but I know I will miss seeing your artwork there. However, it's a personal choice so...

    (Also, even if this is intended to be an April Fools thing, I still stand by my comment.)


  2. Whoa, never thought of it that way...You just gave me a topic to think about.

  3. I'm just a self-claimed human, that's why I can only think within borders, not till eternity. Well, I guess we are told wrong, life isn't serious or complicated at all. We are making it complicated and serious, because of.

    I want to show that everyone should try to think straight, what humanity usually could do best, to create a world together, where no egoism is needed to survive. If you care for anyone around you, anyone will care for you, that's what I want to tell, to make our fart of a life, a better smelling fart of a life. However I'm about to collect the skills for that first.

    I know quite a bit about art history, but I think it doesn't really matter. Because good ideas and movements are more important than knowing the past, at least we are living right in the now.

    art is the same as love. It doesn't fit into any rational thinking.

    we could stop breathing because we are unsure of our lives. But if we don't know it, why not simply enjoying it by living at our free will.

    If I wouldn't enjoy painting any more, I'd screw it

  4. Actually, I was there to enjoy the works of highly talented artists such as yourself. In this instance, I no longer can.

    I sincerely hope this stunt -was- an early April Fool's, as otherwise you've deprived many people of the pleasure of viewing your work for... what? Being more 'authentic' because nobody sees it? It seems extremely childish.

  5. I'll have to agree with Conrad there, to be frank.
    But of course, I don't get any pageviews, so I can't relate... right?

  6. Other than being a way for YOU to do or express something about YOUrself.

    Even when artist use art to express themselves, that doesn't mean that they don't make something that others can't relate to. Almost everyone will found themselves in a picture that was meant to be a sole expression of an artist's state of mind.
    I really don't understand why did you make such a decision.

  7. if only tigers and birds could enjoy art, you wouldn't be left with just humans (:

  8. I understand if you're leaving DA, and I understand if it's an April Fool's joke. I trust you know what you're doing, and I repect it. It probably was hard to leave a site that feeds your ego so much, since you're such a popular and talented artist. In a way, it makes you stronger. You can stand on your own two legs without DA. I'll just miss being able to put in my own two bits sometimes when you need help.

    I want to be a portrait artist, (as of today.) There's just so much you can tell in a face, so much you can convey, so many stories to tell. But I'm still dabbling and improving by leaps and bounds. Who knows what will capture my interest tomorrow? I've got time.
    I haven't always wanted to be an artist...I mean, I've always known I was good, but it was just an ego trip, just something to brag about and show off to my friends. But in the past year and a half (during my high school sophomore year) I realized that art was a part of me, and that I could tell people things that I couldn't get across before. That's what drives me. It's such a part of me that I don't think I'll ever be able to find a way around it.

    Educating yourself in art is just as important as creating it, although I feel that a certain amount of knowlege in the subject can be gained through experience, if not most. One doesn't need to know Picasso to know how to draw abstractly, or how the ancients made pottery in order to create your own, but it certainly helps.

    To tell you the truth, I'm on DA because I have an ego about my artistic ability the size of Mount Rushmore. DA feeds it, and quite often. But I also enjoy being able to experience the work of other artists I aspire to be like someday (like you). I thrive on competition, and there's plenty of it there. Tutorials always help, and I just love looking at art and getting a sense of the artists behind it, and also studying techniques or new mediums. I live in a fairly secluded town, and the art community is small and getting smaller, so DA allows me to branch out where I wouldn't have been able to before. As always, there are ups and downs to everything.

    Everyone has their niche in art, whether they would like to admit it or not. It just depends on how you let yourself see it.

  9. What's the meaning of art?
    What's the meaning of life?
    Why have kids in a fucked up world like ours? To raise them and being stuck to hoping they won't get too fucked up when they become adults?

    Why yes, we are all part of a natural process of constant evolution. No there is no god controlling this (or at least I've not seen any convincing proof).

    We create art, we work, we raise kids, we live and die...

    That is nature... all around us, inside us, before us and after us... and we submit to it, because it is the one authority we all submit to sooner or later...

  10. Why shouldn't an artist want to express themselves? Perhaps by expressing themselves, they might have managed to capture the same thought that traveled through the mind of another. Perhaps they can't show what it is they see in themselves, but it still stirs a thought in someone somewhere. Perhaps they can move people. Isn't that what it's for? Isn't it for minds to move? Does it have to have meaning for everyone to comprehend? Isn't it enough that the artist enjoys what it is he has done? And yes, an artist can convey a meaning about other people. But it's not a sin to speak about himself. We're in a world where the thoughts in our heads go unheard. It's always been like that. Sometimes words fail. No two realities and perceptions overlap. People cannot communicate with sounds alone. That's why there is art. Because as you stare at the piece of art, you feel. Perhaps I am overshadowed by what I perceive myself... but when I stood before art in the museums of Europe, I got goosebumps of awe. I felt my mind quake. When I look at my little cousin attempt to draw my face, I feel emotion. That feeling... that is why I try. I'm clearly not as talented as you. My art is clearly faulty and lacks luster in comparison to countless other people. But there is a chance, I can make someone feel what it was I felt without using words. Perhaps that makes me "full of myself." So be it.

    It's really saddening to see you leave DA. Your art always awed me. And perhaps I didn't understand its true meaning, but I always felt shivers on my spine at your talent and always felt some emotion. You can stir the senses of so many people. That in itself is awe inspiring.

  11. I like to say... See, I made this :D
    and I like to strive to get better all the time. It's like a challange. It's an enjoyable relaxing hobby.

    It would be nice to be able to make a living at something you get so much joy from doing.