Friday, March 27, 2009

I love Banjamin! :3

"As I went to comic salon Erlangen last year to visit my friend Melanie Delon I got first in touch with the brilliant colorful work of Benjamin. One of his pieces was literarily made the door of this whole event. Then they had this hall called the China hall or something. People could walk on wooden bridgs through some sort of water and fog, where on bright LCD screens wonderful colorful paintings from China were exhibited.
Among them the work of Benjamin. Since then I have kept my eyes open for his comics. I got all of them. Now he published his first artbook "flash". It is simply brilliant.
Everyone who is a friend of stark colors and loosy styles should get this masterly done piece. It was published by the french publisher XiaoPan that is specialized in chinese Manhua. Compared to, for instance, casual Norma Editorial Art- and storybooks it is large and filled with over 100 colored illustrations, artist vita and several pages of sketches plus a making of section. His art is highly recognizable and unique and so it is no wonder that publishers seem to be all crazy about him.

I also found this nice artist interview online today. Benjamin also has a blog but it failed to translate into English today so you need to be really good with chinese if you want to read it.


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