Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I has cat naow!

"I don't care if this has something to do with art or not. I finally wanted to scream out my happyness about my cat! :3 The last time I had an own one was about 11 years ago and the little fellow sadly got hit by a car.
Then it seemed like every person I met had a cat. It just seemed to follow me wherever I went. As I lost my apartment, the two places I went to in this time had cats. Each time male ones which quickly fell in love with me. And I with them. So my wish for a longer while was an own cat.
Ironically I slipped 2 chances of getting an own one (once again male) in the past. Once because I simply didn't get that my friend was just asking me to adopt his lovely reddish cat which hated him but loved me, and by another time I had 2 rats and was simply too afraid that the cat could eat them. So here is try no3.

I googled for several kittens but as I saw him, it was love! His golden eyes just struck me. So I went there to get him at once and now he is at my place, a bit shy at first, but cuddly and open minded now. I am glad that I managed to get him attached to me so quickly."
- Azu


  1. That's one of my two bunnies. :3
    They are used to cats already, so it is no problem to have them together with Kasimir. :)