Monday, February 16, 2009

Early Birthday and Sketchies

Edit= "Some new work for austrian death metal band Locracy ( ) is on the way. Workworkwork yay ^^ Here is a small sketch from today. And here also is an old drawing that I never really finished. Maybe I will redo it with a few changes. Could be fun" - Seth

"I got an early birthday gift from Fabio today. It really is amazing what people come up with! I must link the other gifts in this blog later, too. Fabio was here last week from Italy and I held some life painting session for him to explain how to paint waves and clouds. Seems like he used that for inspiration, heh I don't think that I'm an angel, but I am speechless. XD" - Azu
Full image is here.

"This is my latest piece. It shows a friend of mine who will have her birthday on February 26. Well, I know she might say she's not her but I think this is how I see her.
A very nice person with lot of excellent Art inside.

Happy birthday :iconazurelle: Azurelle !" - Fabio

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