Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gift Art Modification

"Some of you who frequent my DeviantART page might know that I started a little project. I allowed some of my older (also mainly Enayla enspired art) and/ or not commissioned pieces to be used for personal none profit purpose, also for modification, as long as my copyright is not violated. You can read the complete rules here, and many people have contacted me so far and showed me their work, also asked me if it was OK with me how they did it.

This makes me happy because it shows that there is a way beyond arttheft that allows everyone to enjoy the art and to improve the outcoming result. As long as everyone respects the rules, of course. To show a first good example I have dug two pieces that were done by KHCode who firmly asked me for permission first. The images are called "Makoto" and "Blue Eyes". You might want to check out the image descriptions that KHCode has written, to see how it's done good, too. ;)" - Azu

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