Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's this?

I am working on some paintings right now that are inspired, but don't count as old master studies. When I have a favorite older master who painted demons, or one who painted surreal scenes, I let this flow into my own work.
Here we have an example that is inspired by Beskinski. This is the first time that I paint something like that and also the first time that I have background and character where the character plays such a minor role.
I also enjoyed trying out new Painter techniques with this challenge aswell. I couldn't master the Oil Brushes that much until today so I decided to practice here.

Update: We have new close ups from the final now. ;)
Most of this painting was finished within one day, painting 12 hours straight, I was feeling pretty dizzy as I finally got myself away from the PC to go watch Ice Age 3. But I needed to do it and now it's done. And something really new on top of it. ^_^


  1. Such great artwork, at first I couldnt believe its digitally done ;)
    I think Painter has its own advantages!
    Keep on
    Rita Ria

  2. Hello Rita - when will we finally meet on the Salon? ^_^

    You really should try out Painter, it's so awesome! :)