Sunday, March 8, 2009


"Small preview of a painting that I am currently working on. I am exploring his world. Therefore I have also been experimenting with new brushes. Pretty textured and rough ones. Not typical for my formal painting style. This little thumbnail has also been color corrected and highly oversharpened since I am not even half due enough to show what I want to show without any extensions."

"Edit: Wow, look what I found! Good old times. I had to do this for a first semester class on art academy. The teacher did not allow us to work digital so I chose the acrylics instead. I miss working on the canvas, but Nemo will get me some new working space soon, he said. ^_^
Let's hope that I will be able to work this time without getting an allergical reaction again. *sigh* Working with real brushes and colors can be very relaxing. :)"

- Azu (Click on image to enlarge)

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